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Delicious food delivered by Mr. Sandwich

Our company has been supplying sandwiches to South Essex for over twenty years and has earned a reputation for quality, value for money and reliability, which is second to none.


We only use top quality ingredients in the production of our sandwiches and rolls.

Product list:

• Low Calorie Mayonnaise

• Heinz Salad Cream & Tomato Ketchup

• Branston Pickle

• Whole Cooked Chicken Breast

• Coleman’s Prawn Sauce, Horseradish,     Mustard & Mint Sauce

• Flora Dolphin-safe Tuna  

• Brussels Belgian Pâté

• Grade ‘A’ Salad & Vegetables – Fresh Daily

Also available:

• Fresh Apples & Bananas

• Yoghurts

• Bagels

• Fresh Fruit Salads

• Tortilla Wraps

• Rice, Cous~Cous & pasta Salads

• Cakes

• Sausage Rolls

• Bagged Sweets & Chocolate

• Crisps

• Cold Drinks

Call Mr. Sandwich in South Essex today on

01702 531 600

Whatever you want in your sandwich

We pride ourselves on the vast range of sandwiches we carry around in our van - however, if you can’t find what you want from the van, you can always give your orders to the delivery person or telephone our office before 1pm for the following day's deliveries.

Close-up of sausage rolls, pork pies and pasties