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Finger foods for parties

No matter what size gathering you're having, Aaron Catering Services can offer you a range of portion controlled finger food menus, meaning everybody will get more than enough to eat.

A range of finger foods:

• Sandwiches

• Vol-au-vents

• Assorted Cheese on Crackers

• Cocktail Sausage Rolls

• Bacon-wrapped Sausages

• Rice-stuffed Tomatoes

• Fruit Platter

• Much more

Menus for any party

Whether it's a relatively small gathering or a huge corporate get-together, we can provide for you.


Remember, though, we offer a discount for larger parties as well as a wider selection of dishes, so don't worry if the event's a big one.

For finger buffets in South Essex, call

01702 531 600

The menus listed in the dropdowns are purely meant as examples and can be chopped and changed to your bespoke requirements.  ie. portion size, additions and dietary requirements.

A helping hand with event management

As well as offering a wide range of finger foods, we also have extensive experience in event management and will be happy to advise you on the planning of your reception, should you need any assistance. Waiting staff and any equipment hire can also be provided from us for a charge.


We make no charge for this service, so please let us know how we can help.

Chicken salad wraps for a finger buffet